If you enter the July 17th catalogue from the Home Page and log in with your Bidder Number, you can compile a list of any lots that interest you as you browse.

To start your list, check the box beside any lot description. In order to save it to your list, you must also click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

After you have started your list, you can display it by clicking on the 'Display My List' button that appears at the bottom of each page in the catalogue. You can revise your list every time you visit. You can add lots, remove lots and place bids.

If you are ready to bid, just click the 'Place Bids' button at the bottom of your list to be taken to the bid sheet. You do not have to bid on every lot on your list. You can bid whenever you wish, as often as you wish.

After you have placed bids you can continue to add lots to your list. When you view your list, each lot that you have already bid on will appear with a . Any changes that you have made to your bids by phone or email will not be reflected on your list.

If you have not bid on a lot, you may remove it from your list by clicking the 'Remove' box to the right of the lot's description and then clicking the 'Save My Revised List' box at the bottom of your list.

To cancel a bid that you have already placed, click 'Place Bids' at the bottom of your list to return to the bid sheet. Enter the word 'cancel' beside the lot number and submit the bid sheet in the usual way.

You can print your list using your browser's PRINT option.

There is a Search field at the top of every catalogue section. You can enter a word or a phrase, and then search that section or the entire catalogue. A short query will likely be more successful. For example, if you search for 'imperforates', you will find all of the lots that include the word 'imperforates' but you will not find lots with 'imperf' or 'imperfs' Searching for 'imperf' will find all three. The search is not case sensitive.