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Some News and Views. . .

46years     Back in 1972 when Vance Auctions was literally a one-man show, I ran my first auction of 348 lots. I did not have a mailing list, so the whole auction was published on one page in Linn’s Stamp News. I remember being a little nervous, but happily it all worked out. Before long I needed help, and our staff has grown to 14 over the years. Over 330 sales and two million lots later, we are celebrating our 46th anniversary.
    Those of you who have bid with us for many years have seen a lot of changes. Our small black and white catalogues have grown into large colour catalogues that you can also view on the internet. In the early days, every single bid that we received came in by mail, but now you can bid by mail, telephone, fax, email, through our web site, or through Stamp Auction Network.
    Two things have not changed: our determination to continue providing you with interesting items to add to your collection, and our commitment to superior service. We want you to look forward to every new auction because you never know what you will find.


    John Cabot was an Italian merchant seaman who was sailing under the English flag when he discovered Newfoundland in 1497. When he returned to England with tales of abundant fishing off the Grand Banks, King Henry VII laid claim to this “new found land” and rewarded Cabot with the princely sum of £10.


    Newfoundland issued 14 beautiful stamps in 1897 to mark the 400th anniversary of its discovery by Cabot. They were printed by the American Bank Note Co. of New York. The set (Scott #’s 61-74) has always been popular, and it is even more interesting when you know the stories behind it. The image on the 2¢ stamp was supposedly John Cabot, but it is actually John’s son, Sebastian, who was also an explorer. Apparently there were no authentic images of John, so a Holbein portrait of Sebastian was used instead.

Cabot ship collage    Similarly, the 10¢ value was supposed to depict Cabot’s ship the Matthew. No likeness of the ship could be found, so why not borrow the vignette of Christopher Columbus’ flagship Santa Maria that had just been used in 1893 on the 3¢ value of the USA Columbian issue? The next time that you look at these stamps, you will be in on their secrets.


    Sale #334 has many nice sections including Canada, BNA, United States, Great Britain, Malayan States, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and France. You will also find hundreds of larger lots, collections, accumulations and box lots. As in all of our auctions, there is no additional Buyer’s Fee.
    Remember that we are always here answering the phone until Midnight on the closing date to help you with your bids. Good luck!

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