"OR" Bids: If an auction offers two or more similar lots, and you only want to purchase one of them, you can place an "OR" bid. Simply mark "OR" clearly between the bids in question. Preferences can also be indicated.

Add 10%, 20% or 30% Option: By checking one of the boxes on the bid sheet you can authorize us to raise your bids by 10% or 20% or 30% if necessary. This additional margin is used only when you would lose the lot without it, and as little of the margin as possible is used to secure the lot.

Telephone Bids: Bids can be placed by telephone, but should be confirmed in writing. Telephone bids are accepted up to and including the closing date.
Current Bidding Information: Bidding information is available by telephone, fax and e-mail up to and including the closing date. You can find out how your bids are doing and make any changes.
Ties: It is very common for two or more identical high bids to be received on the same lot. In these cases, the lot is awarded to the bidder who placed his bids first. It is therefore to your advantage to bid early and to bid in less common amounts (for example, bid $105.00 rather than $100.00).
Limiting your Purchases: If you wish to bid on many items but wish to spend only a certain amount of money, you can 'limit' your purchases. Just mark your limit clearly on your bid sheet. Preferences can also be indicated.
Viewing: Viewing of lots can be helpful to bidding. All lots are kept in our bank's vault for security, but are made available for viewing by appointment.
Estimated Values: An 'Est' before a price for a lot is our estimate of the lot's net worth on today's market in Canadian funds. We have found that estimated lots usually sell for between 70% and 125% of the estimate. Bids under 70% of the estimate stand a reduced chance of success.
Scott Retail Values: Remember that our British Commonwealth, Foreign and USA lots are priced with the current Scott values in U.S. dollars. These prices represent actual market values. We have found that bidding at substantial discounts off of these prices results in little success.